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Best Kit Competition: 2022

By Staff, 05/13/22, 5:29PM EDT


Which jersey would you want to wear on the pitch? Vote now!

Minneapolis City's home kit for the 2022 season

With 113 unique clubs playing in League Two this year, we're bound to have some unique style displayed on the pitch. Here are 9 kits clubs submitted for you to vote from for this year's Best Kit of 2022!

Ballard FC

This kit was voted by Ballard fans as their favorite for the coming year – and it’s clear to see why. The team’s colors, mirroring a sunset, are found as horizontal lines across the torso, revealing a silhouette of mountains on the bottom of the kit. This “Hero” kit will be just one of the several Ballard sport this season.

Cleveland Force

The bright blue of Cleveland Force’s kits is striking and instantly recognizable. The blue is shown as a solid color on the front of the jersey, while horizontal stipes are scattered along the sleeves. The electric blue look is hopefully indicative of the electric play Cleveland Force will bring to Northeast Ohio when their season debuts on May 20.

Lane United FC

This shirt displays the best parts of League Two’s creativity. Looking like a lumberjack’s uniform straight out of the forest, a plaid red and black pattern dons the front of Lane United’s jersey, with a thick collar on the top of the buttoned shirt. Another Lane United kit features a seafoam green that opens a window into this pattern, but for this kit, it’s all red plaid.

FC Miami City

The deep blue of the FC Miami kit makes this a good jersey to wear both on and off the pitch. The solid color is simple, but sleek, and that isn’t impeded on by the kit sponsor in the center. Any addition to the kit is done quietly, so as not to interrupt the solid, efficient design. FC Miami City will wear their kits for the first time Friday evening against NONA FC.

Minneapolis City SC

Is this white with a black pattern, or black with a white pattern? Either way, it’s equally cool. Minneapolis City’s crow is spread across the side of the shirt, ready to fly into battle. The black of the crow extends into the shorts, making the crow figure on every outfield player distinct and imposing.

San Francisco City FC

Our heads are up in the clouds with this SF City kit. The stylish background, with a cloud pattern getting gradually darker as it goes down the jersey, is easy on the eyes. Their alternate crest, as opposed to their normal yellow, black and red, fits right in. The red trim is just loud enough to create a little pop to a satisfying kit.

St. Croix SC

Who doesn’t love stripes? It’s a time-honored soccer tradition, and St. Croix does them well here. Our second kit competing from the Twin Cities, they’ve gone for a more classic look than their winged crosstown opponents. The blue and black is in contrast to their crest, but gold trim on the shorts and socks really makes this look pop.

St. Louis Lions

Yet another installment of horizontal stripes, this one is going for a less traditional look than flat rugby stripes. The New Balance kits have thin horizontal lines on either end of the black stripes, on a background of the club's deep green. The club's classic green and white crest sits atop the black, pulling the eye to every part of the jersey.

Vermont Green FC

The cream and collar couldn’t look more classy. The green trim, iconic crest, and non-invasive kit sponsors give Vermont Green one of the best looks in League Two. Vermont Green will be sporting three different kits this year, including three more for the goalkeepers, but the simplicity and style of this look is unmatched in their wardrobe.

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